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To develop your game or app and deliver it to a huge amount of people, you can use Google Play Store. To launch your apps on play store, you’ll have to have a Play Store Developer Account. This is not always easy to open a developer account for the Google play store.

If you are going to open an account on play store, let us help you. Pay us a few bucks, and we’ll have your back in this situation.

Google Play Developer Account Details--
  • 1. Real documents and business details are used to create account
  • 2. The dedicated IP address is 100% real
  • 3. All the information is unique and real
  • 4. 100% new account without any history
  • 5. Almost everything is set up, except third party supplies

Things You’ll Get --
  • 1. Access information
  • 2. New account decorated with necessary information
  • 3. Support in different cases

Price: $50

Frequently asking questions

2 Delivery Time?

Sometime 24 hours to 48 hours, once we got your order, we try to deliver soon as possible in 3/4 hours approximately.

3 Refund Money and Replace Time?

No Refund, Yes We replace, Replacing time 24 hours to 48 hours after you buy the accounts Email us for replace:

4 Which payment gateway you support?

we support right now "bitcoin" and "perfectmoney", we trying to get paypal payment system.

5 How much age of the account?

Some accounts are 2 month+ old, and some are 1 year+.

6 Banning RATIO?

We normally sell daily 14/16 accounts from regular buyer, we get idea from our buyers to create this website and sell gloabally, accounts banning ratio is 1%, you can ask why is so low of banning ratio, cause some buyer using hacking, phishing, tech support campaign and more harmful campaign that's why google banning, don't use harmful campaign, please read google ads terms and condition.

1 Is this legal?

This is bypass method of google ads accounts, adwords gave $350 threshold to use new customer then pay the threshold, we are using new virtual credit and new accounts for get google ads $350 threshold, this is safe for using, also we offer virtual machine, you don't need to login in your own pc, Buy and Enjoy our service.