Buy Google Ads Accounts with Reloadable VCC and $500 Threshold

Buy Aged google ads account

Buy Google Ads Accounts

Google Ads is Google’s advertising system in which advertisers bid on evident keywords to attend in Google’s search results. It covers online advertising, radio and TV advertising, print ads, and other offline media, including YouTube. Google’s main competitors are Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and Yahoo! Search Marketing.

Buy Google Ads accounts offers the advantage of being able to ‘bid’ for your keywords that appear on various internet domains. The process can be as simple as searching for an account type and buying it outright or may require some research into who is currently selling the account you want on a marketplace such as Gumtree.

For advertising, you won’t find any better platform than Google. It covers the highest percentage of online advertising and marketing. As a result, if you use Google to advertise your product, you’ll get a quick response from your target customers.

Google Ads and How it works

Google is the most popular online search engine machine, and people search on Google for quite many reasons. It is estimated that up to 20 billion dollars are generated annually through Google advertisements. The process of getting the targeted audience for your product or service with the help of Google ads is called paid search marketing, which has helped many businesses achieve their goals like never before. With Google Ads, you can target a specific demographic or area, which will help you get your business into a particular niche market and increase your profits in the long run.

A severe internet discussion is going on about the validity of Google Ads and whether it is worth it. This topic is considered the most controversial for online marketers and business owners.

Google Ads are also called “pay-per-click” ads, which means you will pay only when someone clicks on your ad. If a user visits your website by typing your search terms in a search engine, he will see your advertisement at the top or side of his screen depending on the click you paid for – which depends on your selected marketing budget. Google acknowledges that it has made a lot of changes to its products since these ads were first invented, but everything has indeed been improved with time

buy google ads account
buy google ads accounts
buy google adwords account

To place your ad on Google, you’ll have to have a Google Adwords account. It is a bit tough if you are not in the USA, but we’ve got your back. Give us a few bucks, and we’ll take care of the process of creating the Google ad account for you.

Advanced Control by buy Google Ads Account

As stated above, there is a limit on how many Ads accounts you can handle with the same email. So, when it comes to handing over control of your Ads buy google ads account to someone else, you want to ensure they have enough access. Here are the steps you should take:

1) Navigate down through the tabs on the left-hand side of the page and click on “Advanced Control.”
2) The next page will give you a list of each profile with an access level attached – this is represented by a number in parentheses next to their name. Find the number that corresponds with their role. Notice that some numbers have been highlighted before (for example, Owner). If there isn’t one highlighted for whoever has asked for your account, there is no easy way for them without some more work.
3) If you are the Owner (as emphasized above), you can add another profile. This will allow you to set a specific access level for others who need access to your account and will do so by following these steps:
4) At the bottom, click “Add new profile,” enter their name, and ensure that it is the same as what is used in Google for their Google ID.
5) Next, select the role for them (if applicable). As mentioned above, if it isn’t listed as available, you’ll have to create a custom one, which means creating a custom campaign type for them instead. For more on that process, check out this article.

AdWords threshold accounts

Google AdWords accounts with less than $500 in accrued ad fees over the past 12 months are known as threshold accounts. These accounts are subject to a $5 minimum bid and appear with the “threshold” icon at the top-right corner of their ad account.

Once you surpass the threshold requirement, your account will automatically be designated as active, and all your ads will return to “approved” status. Additionally, new ad campaigns won’t have to start with a $5 bid — they’ll be set with an initial bid of $0.01.

Since AdWords accounts are no longer required to have a minimum annual budget, threshold accounts aren’t a thing you can turn off. Of course, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take advantage of the account’s $5 minimum bid and look for ways to increase its worth.

Some of the ways you can use the $5 minimum bid include:

– Testing ad variations that might not be profitable if they were set at a higher price point. For example, adding ad text in lowercase letters (rather than caps) is an easy way to see if it’ll make a difference in conversion rates or CPCs. A small change in your ad’s copy or image can also make a big difference.

Google Ads Account Details–

  • Verified unique and dedicated proxy
  • Verified with billing details
  • Full active account
  • Verified with our documents
  • $500 Spendable
  • Aged Accounts
  • 100% genuine account only dedicated to you

Things We’ll Handover–

  • Detailed login information 
  • Verification details
  • Video tutorial of using accounts
  • Card information
  • 16 Digits Card Number
  • Virtual Machine (RDP)
  • How to create safe campaign (Video Tutorial)

Price:  $70

Frequently asking questions

Sometime 24 hours to 48 hours, once we got your order, we try to deliver soon as possible in 3/4 hours approximately.

No Refund, Yes We replace, Replacing time 24 hours to 48 hours after you buy the accounts Email us for replace: [email protected].

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We have accounts of different ages. Some accounts are over 1 or 2 years and some are 2 months+

We normally sell daily 14/16 accounts to regular buyer, we get idea from our buyers to create this website and sell globally, accounts banning ratio is 1%, you can ask why is so low of banning ratio, cause some buyer using hacking, phishing, tech support campaign and more harmful campaign that’s why google ban account, don’t use harmful campaign, please read google ads terms and condition.

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